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We work with communities to create conservation-led efforts that produce economic, environmental, and social benefits.

Helping others is the first step

Build and leave a better living world

Our Initiative

We know conservation starts with communities. Our unique approach to sustainable community development protects nature as both an economic and community asset that provides sustenance, open space, jobs, economic opportunities, important cultural ties and much more.

Digital Divide - ‘New Face of Inequality’

Convergence of technologies is inevitable as human beings continue to innovate gloriously. But, billions of people remain without the universal Human Rights of internet access.

Today, technology has special importance in everyone s life because it not only helps in the development of the individual but also plays an important role in the development of the country and the world.

1 %

World’s Population Still Offline

1 Million

Population of USA

1 Million

Americans can’t fully benefit from the digital age.

1 Million

Food Insecurity

Our Target


Internet connectivity to 50,000 Schools by 2035.

Help In Design Digital Environments That Can Connect Everyone With A Positive Future, Embrace “Digital Governance”, Collaborate To Achieve Digital Skills Building, Access To Resources, And Encouragement (E.G., By Championing Women And Minorities In The Technology Sector).


Everything related to life has been connected with technology, which has not only improved the standard of living but has also given a new direction to development. Technology and economic development complement each other. The rate of economic growth can only be increased by technology.


Our increasingly digitized world holds the possibility for both immense connecting potential and continued isolation for those populations most at risk. It s critical as a foundation we are committed to find creative ways to lift the whole world with digital technology.

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